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  • NKAWTG ·
    Hi fellow Vegan.
    There are so many threads on tires, I need your help if you have time.
    My treg has 255/60- 17 tires that are nearing their end of life. I'm looking for a decent all terrain tire, but I don't want to spend extra on rims.
    Do you have any suggestions?


    P.S. I have a 2008 V6 if that matters.
    slipknot ·
    Hi,somebady just ask me 2900$for a set of secondhand RHE wheels,but one of them was bent, and he said he just got repaired it. DO u think there is any problem with the repaired wheel?
    German ·
    I am in the wrong job,, the wrong country,,only snow I am going to see now is when I turn off the tv . Matt, I would not say that to loudly, (I am off skiing with the yeti ) they will think you are nuts!!!!!.
    German ·
    Happy birthday from a very mild Kilkenny , if you get the chance try find it on the world map again happy birthday from Stew.
    German ·
    Hi Matt from a very wet Ireland, two things one changed all lights to vw blue with blue bulbs took out map reading bulbs with long nose pinchers looks really well and because they are bulbs no problems ( leds). My second question is as you know I have 2.5 tdi , it was serviced in dec, 08 8-9 weeks ago and I noticed that when I checked my oil level it was down , rang my man who services it and he said to call over and he would top it up but I thought it strange that it should go down so fast, and to me there does not seem to have been any noticable change in the touareg, have you heard of this before,I know most of you over there drive v6 v8 or v10 but at the moment the european forum is dead there seems to be no one out there

    yours Stew.
    German ·
    Good morning from a very snowy kilkenny. Up early as I was with the dentist yesterday - one tooth, mat its always the things at your own door step that we dont see, but a fantastic place its hard to belive how vast it is. Ireland is avery popular place for vw touareg, but most are commerical and quite a few are v10 , road tax is very high here if you have 5 sits. Tow sits commerical 270-00 euros mine 980-00 euros, we live in the land of millionars but the only problem is I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.It is really nice to read all the messages the site , as I said be fore thinks aint so good over here we seem to be waiting for the USA to get better and we should see some change for the good O bye the way good morning, and thank you for your kind reply.
    Your Stewart
    walker303 ·
    thanks for the help! ordered the at2's today (255/60/18) it was a tough choice, i've heard great things about the nitto's, but they only come in 55's. i'll let you know how they are.

    thanks again,
    walker303 ·
    hey vegas matt-

    i was wondering if you could answer a quick (i hope) question for me?

    i was reading in a previous post of yours that "31.8" is about the maximum diameter you can run on 17" OEM wheels". would 31.8 be the maxumum diameter for 18's as well?

    i'm looking to put a new set on my 04 v8 (no air suspension), and i would love to get a little more clearance with 255/60/18's (general at2). otherwise, if i go with 255/55/18, i can't decide between those and the nitto terra grapplers.

    thanks for your time and help,

    nuzman ·
    Hey Matt. I'v been away for a while. Don't know if you remember our conversation on the lights. I have a suggestion for those who want to go all RED... for the floorboard lights and the ground light on the bottom of the doors. I've replaced all mine with red bulbs. So far it looks great. (will post pics soon) I i think you should be able to order the plastic light COVERS from VW. That would give a richer RED color. I plan to try it soon and will let you know.

    James Lynch
    '04, V8 LOADED
    Vegas Matt ·
    vwfans, I have forwarded this on to the admin team to see what's up.

    What/where exactly were you posting when you got this message?

    vwfans ·
    how do you become more than a junior? my profile says i have no post? I just posted twice and this is what I get

    vBulletin Message
    vwfans, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

    please help out and let me put some more pictures of my T-reg up
    Vegas Matt ·
    Hi Nuzman, sorry I didn't see this message until now. Color-wise, some users have used colored LEDs, but I've heard of one report where the LEDs were causing issues with the lighting controller, which were (supposedly) causing mysterious controller errors elsewhere in the vehicle. I don't know if I buy that or not, but...

    I believe others (gaijin comes to mind) ordered the bulbs either tinted or with a colored gel sleeve to obtain the color change. I think gaijin did his in red though.
    nuzman ·
    Hey Matt. Sorry to bother you again. I saw a photo that I cannot find. It was the interior floor lights that were BLUE like the lights on the dash. I wanted to learn what the owner did. Change the bulb? Change the cover? I don't know... but I want to.
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