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  • Buckle2003 ·
    Hi everyone been reading the site for few days and the comments are just great my names mick in England . Lancashire . I have purchased a touareg 57 altitude 3.0 v6 225 the garage I purchased it from have put new brakes discs . Pads . Calipers all round . Serviced all oils and filters . Faulty door lock on passenger side getting new lock car has done 72000 is the anything I should be looking for in particular before I get it tomorrow . Mick
    solarcar ·
    Just bought a 2005 V8 Touareg.
    I was wondering How you hook up your Android to the telephone part of the Nav system when all the navigation book says is that the "Tele" button is for later additions?
    Tskaper ·
    Hi Everybody.
    I have just picked my Toureg 2006 2.5TDI from the port in Kenya yesterday and immediately 5 min into the drive the gearbox started playing up when it shifts back from 5th to 4th gear.Thereafter it developed a shaking from time to time on 6th gear when you get off the accelarator.
    I read your forum and want to ask if theer can be any other reason beside the valve body, like a sensor.
    I just imported the car from the UK and my mechanic assures me that through all his tests there was no such symptom prior to loading the vehicle on the vessel.
    Please - your help would be appreciated.
    topgun ·
    hi , from south africa .currently driving r5tdi 2005 model 98000km trade in for 2011 v8 tdi with full house .expecting delivery end april cannot wait ,i have had a very good expreience with my r5 and love it but sadly will have to give it up for the new touareg . any experince with the new v8 tdi , i love the 0 to 100 time and the fuel efficiency , but i will have to experince it myself
    Mr-CPA ·
    Yes the TDI was available, but I am not a diesel fan as I have bad experiences years ago with a TDI from Mercedes. And I already own another hybrid and like them. I really was not in the market for a car that day as I had gone to the dealer to leave my eos and borrow an all wheel drive car because we were expecting a blizzard. My friend who owns the dealership told me about the hybrid and it's limited availability and I drove the car and fell in love with it. It is one amazing vehicle, with power to spare. The mileage has also been very good with 21 in the city and I have gotten as high as 29 on the highway. I only have 1100 miles so I expect even better. My wife's Lexus 450h does not do much better is lighter in weight and has less pep.
    mattk ·
    Is there a TSB for that alternator item? Bought my 2004 3 months ago and it just died twice in the last few says...has new battery from when I bought it. Noticed the battery cable ties had been cut suggesting that had been replaced.... Thx for the help.
    Hi R.J.--Well I finally go moved to your neck of the woods. Been unpacking stuff from 4,000 sq. ft. house into a 2,700 sq. ft. house. My garage has stuff up to the rafters. I uncovered my box with the VW spoiler and fitment stuff, which I will probably never install. So I am willing to sell it to some one, prefer to someone in the Denver region. Do you think that Cris, Hap, Bill or anyone would be interested? I now live in Heritege Eagle Bend area. I did get rid of the Pit Bull (my wife still misses him). If anyone is interested, have them call me 303.525.0900 cell#. Thanks old buddy. If no one here is interested, I will post it in classified section. The part at Tregcentral is about $360. Will sell for alot less.
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