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  • AusTxThing ·
    I'm interested to know what the impacts of the custom software have are.... I'm an air-cooled VW guy, who grew up riding in diesel Benz. I want a good daily driver that's decent on gas milage and has some longevity to the engine while I do a minor restoration on my VW Thing.

    and I'm interested in your Touareg. . .

    you can email me directly at: "I am robby the robot at gmail dot com"
    (take out the spaces and the " and convert as needed)

    Audicted ·
    Hello Yellow Audi Guy,

    I was browsing Club Touareg and saw your recent photo post and I wanted to ask you a couple questions about your cars. First - love your Touareg - looks like mine 0 Campenella White T1 V10 (ours has teak interior which is an awesome combination). The running board on yours, do you know anything about them - make, model numbers, etc.? We have the same running boards and yours is the only other Treg I've seen with them. We bought ours a little over 1 year ago and a couple of the plastic end-caps are missing on the running boards so anything you know about them would be appreciated as I've been trying to find replacements without success.

    Second - Nice S4. I'm an Audi guy too as my daily drive is a 95 URS6 (not stock). It's currently sporting 266,000 miles on it and running strong. Been discussing pulling the head for some maintenance but just not sure it needs anything in there yet. They are great cars; hope you have fun with yours.
    JMosch ·
    Boca Raton.... Glades Road stop by! I selling my Touareg V8 this Friday. I will be with out wheels. I don't think I'm going to find a V10 I might have to look at a V6TDI.
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