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  • Ianto ·
    Hi,I have a 3.0ltr V6 Tdi tourage 2005, when she's cold she changes gear very smooth but when she's warm she clunks to gear 2nd to 3rd n 4th and revs up hi in between too...any help please
    lorinauto ·
    hi this is my first time so can anybody help me i have a 2007 touareg v6 3.2l gas and its making a squid noies after 2 min when i start the car and when i drive when the car is cold does not do that but i do not have any power. i change both of the fuel poms and does the same can anybody help me
    Mickeyshogs ·
    This is my first posting. So please bear with me. I am about to purchase a 2013 Touareg 245 ps. I wonder if anybody knows if you can retrofit seat memory to standard 12 way electric seats.
    Skippy em ·
    Hello and help !
    My 2006 v6 touareg is draining its battery after it's been turned off , there is a noise coming from the passenger wheel arch that sounds a bit like a motor or similar when it's standing , and turned off , I can't stop stop the motor or whatever it is and I presume that must be draining the battery
    JohanP ·
    I would like to find out how to remove a Touareg 2005 R5 2.5diesel rear difflock motor beacause it is causing a vibration
    gegrapha ·
    I drive a R5 TDI Touareg. I changed my bushings and link bar a few days ago. Immediately after the change the "Running Gear Fault" showed on the dash board. It's been about 3 days now and it disappears when I put the ignition off but resurfaces when I start the car and drive for about 500 metres.
    bensej ·
    I use the V6 touareg 2004. I notice that my toureg makes noise each time i tried to move after machine the brake on the motion as if the noise has something to do with the propeller. I also notice that each time i start the car and move some little distance, the car would race high and movement of the car will be slow until i put it to park and back to drive before it start moving again. I discover that my toureg would not indicate the movement or the positioning of the gear on the dash board. All of these amounted to this code P0753 when i scanned it. Each time i stop for traffic light and later want to start moving the car, it must make those distructive noise. Please i nead help from experienced people its been almost a month now.
    limpho ·
    hello there . I am new to your site and have spend almost 30 min trying to figure out how to post questions to other members ( public) please help.
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