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  • Cymro333 ·
    part 4

    If green menu does not appear try running 'greenmenu_on' script, same process as steps 8-9 but place contents of 'greenmenu_on' on sd card.
    you can check if green menu has been enabled using VAG com:-
    1. run vagcom insert obd tool (ignition on)
    2. select 'control module'
    3. direct entry '5F' then'GO'
    4. choose 'Adaption-10'
    5. select channel 06 and read current value. (0=disbaled, 1=enabled)
    6. if 0 change to 1 followed by 'test' then 'save'

    hope this helps
    Cymro333 ·
    part 3

    8. copy contents of RNS850_GE_enable on blank sd card (found in Tutorial RNS850 - CAR-NET Connection - 01 folder)
    9. Place sd card into sd card slot (ensure rns850 is on and everything is stable, ensure ignition is on)
    10. script should run and install the application, includes enabling of the green menu.
    11. access the green menu by pressing 'SETUP' and 'CAR' simultaenously for 5 secs (bit fidley, it takes a few attempts to press them both together)
    12. scroll down to 'diagnose'>'coding'>'internal module 1+2' uncheck all boxes
    13. bac to 'Diagnose'>'settings'>'wlan settings'>'wlan activation' check enables (use "..." for back)
    14. back to 'tel settings' and check that 'nad activation' is checked.
    15. reboot rns850 using 'NAV'+'centre knob'+'PHONE'
    Cymro333 ·
    part 2

    2. start car and turn off start/stop system
    3. allow all rns850 services to start up
    4. insesrt sd card into slot 2
    5. enter rns850 hidden engineer menu by pressing 'PHONE' and 'SETUP' simultaenously.
    6. slect 'UPDATE' and 'STANDARD' software update when prompted
    7. leave engine running and wait approx 30 - 40 mins
    Cymro333 ·
    Hi tamorgen,
    Not sure if this what you are after but I logged the whole process and links to the firmware only, I did not install any maps as mine were up to date:--

    Here's my experience of firmware update..... rns850 with sim card slot and wifi/wlan already enabled from factory

    download K0821 firmware from!BloGQZTJ!y4zovWJiaQWRJiQscfBDY6HJKqgE0W27oFei7lK us0U (by congo)

    download tutorial rns 850 from!5o1nkKKQ!b8jzDpFQBcJ1MskB-9MxaHlBGXBMzy0tw4e2Cak-NXY (by Miazza)

    1. format card to fat32 and copy the contents of the firmware folder to the sd card. (first tried 4GB in slot 2 but update failed then tried 16GB micro SD in SD adapter in slot 2)

    root of sd card should have the following
    > 1 (folder)
    > 2 (folder)
    > metainfo2.txt
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