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  • prosh ·
    wondering where to go to to purchase rear step up chrome for bumper vw has it for 115 bucks wondering if its cheaper elsewhere
    prosh ·
    hello , great place to go to , so much great info , i sent you message about the muffler discoloration you spoke about in 04, see if you agree
    mohrpwr ·
    Hello Mr. Spockcat,
    It seems you are the go to guy. I just bought a 2004 V8 touareg and I am wanting to put a iPhone unit into it. I have the stock Nav/AM/FM/CD/with CD changer. What would you suggest I get to fix this lack of my need (ha) of my iPhone and the music and phone on it.
    [email protected]
    Too rag ·
    Hey Sprockcat,

    About 4-5 weeks ago I ordered a dead pedal & e-brake pedal from your online store. Everything appeared to go thru OK with my PayPal payment, but I have no confirmation of the sale, nor have the parts arrived. So I wanted to check with you and my credit card company to see if the transaction actually went through. Thanks for checking this out.

    Regards, Glen Gullette
    [email protected]
    machu50 ·
    Hi Spockat, my battery on my 04 Touareg has died. The closest VW dealership to me is 150 miles away, but I know a good mechanic that has already done some engine work for me. I am reading my owner's manual, and it doesn't give me any helpful information about the battery. Do you have any tips or "must do's" before i call my local mechanic tomorrow. Please let me know what you think.
    inxs896 ·
    HI Sopckat, does the keyless starter works with a 2006 V6 model ? I see all your pics and they all refer to the V8 model. Thanks
    MohdGasim ·
    Hi Spockcat...really love ur articles.
    Question... i want to install a roof rack but i am in Sudan, so i need to DIY one. any ideas....also looking into installing a front winch...will keep u posted. C U
    poppajack67 ·
    Hey Spockcat, I read that you sell kits to have an AUX in for my 04 with nav. What do they cost and how hard are they to install?
    randysteb ·
    Hello Spockcat. I was wondering if you heard if VW does a OTC tuning from the factory. I'm looking at one now and on the back door next to the touareg name there is OTC tuning badge. It looks like it came from the factory. What it the OTC tuning anyway?
    Islandiver ·
    Hi Spoc, I was wondering if you had ever preformed the OTC tune to the V10. If so what have thought of it and did it increase fuel economy. Thanks Teddy.
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