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  • Coight57 ·
    Singh... hope you and family are all well. And hopefully we can catch up again soon, somewhere? Quick question - I am putting the 2018 Treg Muster video together and I need a Clubtouareg logo (a good quality image file). Do you have one you could email to me? Cheers Paul.
    aljazzair ·
    Hello Singh,
    Thank you so much for you warm welcome and kind reply.
    Sorry I did not reply earlier, I was dealing with some propshaft surprises (thank God there is a wealth of information on this forum, as our mechanics don't know the Touareg very well....).

    My email address is at gmail - Looking forward to see the pictures and diagram!!
    Thanks again for your kind assistance!
    aljazzair ·
    Hello Singh,
    I am writing you from the other side of the world, a place called Algeria, were the Touareg people live!
    Read the all posts you made about the spare wheel spacer built from aluminium.
    Trying to do the same here so I can fit larger tires on my treg !
    I'd be grateful if you can assist me with the following:

    - The picture you posted of your spacer has disappeared, would it be possible upload it again?
    - What is the size of the center hole on the spacer?
    - How does the wheel bolt to the spacer exactly, I am unclear ?
    - Do you think 60mm width for the spacer would work, that's the only aluminium plates I found locally..
    - Is there any impact on the parking sensors once fitted?

    I'd very much appreciate your feedback, and I promise to send you a pic of the fitted SinghSpacer from the Sahara desert once it's done ;-)
    Big Vdub ·
    Hi Singh,

    Thanks, doing well currently, thinking of getting a VAG unit from Ross as I have three VWs in the family currently. Will be in touch.

    Big Vdub ·
    Hi Singh,

    It's been a long time, it's Rob with the white 2003 V6 3.2. I still have the old girl (220km now) but I've just got myself a MY12 V6 TDI, love it. Hoping you might know, is there a VW diesel specialist that you could recommend in Sydney that could check out my car and make sure that the DPF and associated gear is in good health?

    bion ·

    just wondering if you could direct me to the best place where to buy vag-com cable & oc software.

    I'm bringing my car for checkup and will ask vw to change s/s and traffic setting on rns 850 but just in case they will not I'd love to have B plan ready.

    Haydo ·
    Hey Singh. Would you change anything with the design you made up for your spare tyre. Does the tyre cause any issues with hitching trailers now that it sticks out a bit further. What was the reason for making it 60 odd mm wide as well.

    Cheers Haydo
    blaubaer ·
    Singh, You seem to be a person with a lot of knowledge. I have a 2011 V6 and am contemplating a shift to a 2016 Q7 because of the 7 seats. The next Touareg MAY have 7 seats but that is 2 years away. What do you think of the Q7? It commands a significant premium over the Touareg. Thanks.
    Armdlo ·
    Hi Singh, I remember you had an extension made for your oversize spare for the previous T, do you remember the offset( if that's the correct description) of the "attachment" I would look it up but who knows what the thread was called? Anty assistance will be greatly appreciated, thanks. I know you had two made but presume you have long sold that. Thanks again Greg Wilson (Armdlo)
    Redtag ·
    Hi Singh. I am upgrading my Prado to a vehicle that will tow my new and heavier caravan. (tare weight 2400 kg's)
    I test drove a Toureg today as was very impressed. While my wife and I do not go "Bush bashing" we would like to know that if we wanted to the Touareg would enable us to do 'soft off road trips. eg dirt tracks etc(with or without the van) It looks like you have experience in such matters Do you think the 4xmotion version would suit? Also the "toy" spare wheel is a "put off" How do you overcome that?

    We would like to think that a touareg would get us to Cape York without the van of course. I would be greatful for any information re this The alternataive is a Landcriuser but reluctant to go that way......Thanks Geoff c.
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