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  • techer2 ·
    Did you once post instructions for how to test relays? If so, can you please share again....I can't seem to find that info. Is the test procedure for all relays exactly the same? ·
    I recently followed Nick's DIY for my Prodigy P2 controller and am getting the "PL" display. I thought it was due to the 16 gauge wire, but you post indicates that it may be due to needing a relay. Is that accurate?
    justino411 ·
    Siberian, I was reading the threads about AC issues and you must have your degree in touareg-ology. Here's my brain buster for you. The AC stopped blowing out cold air all together. We checked the high and low pressure which both read normal psi and all the fuses are good. It looks like the computers aren't telling the compressor to turn on because the engine fan isn't turning on when the AC is set to high (which should happen when the compressor is engaged... in theory). It's hard to tell if the clutch is turning on the compressor so that's why we used the fan as an indicator. Our next theory is that if we unbolt the seat and disconnect the battery for a few minutes the computer will reset and begin to re-engage the compressor. I understand the rest of the computer settings will reset but from reading it seems a little bit of driving and re-learning will fix that. My question is if this is a possible fix and what's the risk of my computer not re-learning critical settings? Thanks!
    bt milla man ·
    Hey Siberian, I was wondering if you had any pictures of your rig with the splash guard extensions on them. I'm debating on whether or not I should buy them...thanks so much.

    Mike's Panzer ·

    I sounds like you have all the excitement up there. One hell of a fire. Stay safe. I got my Treg back with new rotors and pads up front. They are very smooth and quiet. Now they tell me the back one's will need replacement in 10K or so. I wish had gotten both sets. The shop did the job for me for $100. and they rotated the tires while they were off. Great deal, I need to take care of these guys. I stay at Eagle's head Lodge in Sterling when we fish the Kenai. Great place and great people. Sockeye right off the porch.
    alaska2 ·
    Hey Siberian,

    I have been a "lurker" on this site for half a year. Live in Anchorage, have followed your exploits, especially enjoyed your tale of our March snowstorm, that I, too got caught in. I have the Nokian SUV5 studded winter tire, awesome, got me through snow halfway up the wheelwells...
    The POS Continental Tires on my 08 V6 are shot, steel belts seperating on them. I am about to go out and (ugh...Johnson's Tire) pay 1500 bucks for the Nokian WRG2's for my summer 19 inch rims. You have them don't you? Is there a better option? Thanks for your insights.
    natureblessing ·
    hey, i read a couple posts about your installing a xenon headlight on your touareg. i just bought an 08 touareg without xenon headlights. do you have any idea which is the easiest to install one aftermarket? im not really handy with cars.
    CJCamper ·
    Very creative licence plates on your Eggs! Mine (when it gets here) will sport my "OHMYDOG" plates currently living on my Jetta TDI Wagon. :eek:) Cheers!
    lshammons ·
    I've been trying to "set" (or define) the service interval on my 2008 V8 Touareg. I've reset the "service now" message but can't figure out how to actually enter the mileage interval on the other service interval menu. I saw you mentioned an earlier post of yours on SDI's but couldn't locate. Please direct me if possible. thanks so much!
    ramtin1000 ·
    Hi Siberian

    I just bought a V6TDI without xenon lights and i like to convert. Can you please email me the stuff that you used and it worked for you. I appreciate it
    bacons ·
    Thank you for getting back to me. I know you are not crazy about TDI. I live in San Francisco area. This car will be for my wife and kids. I had a LX470 Lexus that I just sold. It was too big. The maintenance on it was very good and low. I also have a 1993 300SD diesel MBZ, that I love. The 2006 TDI v10 has factory warranty that can be changed to me with $40. The 2009 v6 TDI has a Lemon certificate. The guy says that the air vent had to be changed. It was dealer buy back program. It has 14k miles on it. The 2006 had 19k on it. It will primarily be driven by my wife only.
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