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  • Bobalupo ·
    Hi John,
    Thanks for the reply. I think I saw your R50 a couple of months ago driving west past the big pineapple.

    I paid top dollar, 60k neat. They were originally asking $62,888.
    I'd definitely be interested in getting hold of an extended warranty. It's got a 5000/3Mth from the dealer (which is regulation apparently)
    What's the story with extended warranty's; what do they cover & how much?

    Be great to run a diagnostic scan on the '04 V10 & see what it comes up with.
    Cheers, Rob
    Bobalupo ·
    Hi John,

    My name is Robert & live on the Sunny Coast (Mudjimba). I bought a very clean '08 R50 last Friday (BIG smile on my face as I typed that!) & just joined the group today. (I also have a '04 V10 that I'm going to sell.)
    I saw you live here to and thought I'd say Hi & introduce myself.
    Do you do mechanical work on Touaregs or could you recommend someone good if you don't?
    The R50 is fine but I've got an issue with the V10 that I'd like to get sorted out. The motor is very strong but it misses sometimes. (Seems to be only when the air temp is above 25 degrees.)
    I'm thinking perhaps the particulate filter may be blocked/faulty but that's just a stab in the dark.

    Thank-you & kind regards,
    smclaren ·
    Hi John

    Are you around late morning on Saturday ? Where abouts on the Coast are you based ? I'll be in Kawana till about 11am-ish.

    If not, maybe another time ? I get up there regularly.


    Chainsaw ·
    Hi John, Rod here. Didn't want to post my exact location but I live in Palmwoods. Normally had Toyota Landcruiser but in last 6 months wanted something bit more comfortable to tow the van. Bought the 2009 V6 and went on trip 10,000K's was so impressed decided to upgrade and got a 2012 4Xmotion with air susp and offroad pack. Love it. Especially when disconnecting the van, just press the down button on susp and drive off. Looking at the VAGcom (I have OBD2 diagnostic reader) as Stop/Start is giving me the ****s. May catch up one day.

    mick14 ·
    Hi Michael here, I have an R50 (identical to yours) and I'm wondering where you get your brake pads from?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Bilby-2007 ·
    Hi Schootsie, my email address is [email protected]
    I am new to this Forum, so don't know how it all works. I thought that if you click on my name in one of my posts, you would see a Link to my email address. I would really appreciate it if you can send me the .pdf of the genuine VW 13 pin Euro wiring diagram. Thanks again, Bill
    Marc1 ·
    Hi Shcootie, I have been talking to Ian (Bails) about brakes for my R50 and he thought you maybe able to help. Could we talk 0408 749 146 Marc Lambert
    Dubby ·
    Schootsie, Good to meet you & Sue. I am about to order the Silent Armors 265/60R18's. Will send pix when I have them/on. Hope to catch up again soon. Cheers. Jeff
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