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  1. Importing a new Touareg

    Drivers Lounge
    Just saw the T5 on the road the other day. They are rare, unlike the Cayennes and Q7s, which are everywhere. I have to say it's not such a bad looking SUV, if it wasn't for that huge, gaping mouth of a grille. Even the bland Teramont (Atlas) looks marginally better at the front. And also the...
  2. RNS510 for 2009-10 Touareg...Where can I find one??

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I'm surprised that these units are still so expensive. I would love to get one for my 2009 Touareg, but the cost is still prohibitive. My car only had the base Delta radio. I'm not even sure if I can use the 510 anyway as my car doesn't seem to have a separate amplifier (I checked). I did...
  3. AC Issue. Fresh Air Flap Motor....

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I would love to see pictures or a write up of this procedure as well. The AC itself works fine, however, I have the problem of air seeping through the windshield defogger outlet (I've temporarily solved it by stuffing tissues in there :cautious:), which would cause the windshield to get fogged...
  4. Importing a new Touareg

    Drivers Lounge
  5. Importing a new Touareg

    Drivers Lounge
    Aha! Well that's that then. Thanks all :)
  6. Importing a new Touareg

    Drivers Lounge
    Well yes I realize the T5 could've been a lot better if VW had stuck to the original formula of the T1 and T2, but, like I said, just musing.
  7. A/C starts blowing then drops to almost no air

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Could it perhaps be the temperature sensor inside the car that acts up when it's hot? Just guessing here. It certainly doesn't sound like a compressor issue since it's not the compressor's job to control air flow out of the vents.
  8. Importing a new Touareg

    Drivers Lounge
    Hi all, Just musing here, but would it be possible to import a 2020 Touareg into the USA? I know there are certain specifications that must be on a US car like MPH speedo and odometer and trip counter in miles, so importing one directly from Germany might not work unless it has the full digital...
  9. Converting halogen headlight assemblies to xenon

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Absolutely. I used to have a 1977 Plymouth Volare that was in pretty good original condition up till the time I sold it a few years ago. I swear that (relatively) cheap 40 year old car had better bits of engineering in some areas than the Touareg, for example the metal spring that raises the...
  10. Converting halogen headlight assemblies to xenon

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi everyone...great tips here. Just wondering there a fairly simple way to fix (or replace) the wiring inside the housing? Or does it need to be opened up with the heat method? I have a T2 with HIDs, by the way.
  11. Touareg Barn Find!

    Drivers Lounge
    Congrats! It's really beautiful.
  12. check coolant light

    General Maintenance & Repair
    It could be a defective coolant reservoir cap..maybe. I'm noticing a decrease in coolant level but there aren't any external leaks (I had my mechanic check during the last oil change). I don't see any smoke from the tail pipes either, so if it is an internal leak it's very small. Or it could be...
  13. OIL for my Touareg 7p 3.0 2010

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I was just talking about this very subject on a thread I started last week. I'm in Bahrain and the choices for motor oil here are somewhat limited, especially if you wanted to find 504 spec oil as specified for the 3.6L gas engine. There are a ton of 502 spec oils here but the 504 is quite rare...
  14. Oil spec question

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Here you are.
  15. Oil spec question

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello everyone. Well it's that difficult time of year again where I scour the local market for the correct oil to use in my 2009 T2 with the 3.6L V6 with about 193k km on the odometer. The owner's manual specifies VW301 00 or VW304 00 approved oil. It's very difficult if not impossible to find...