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  • dragline1570 ·
    I always do contact patterns and backlash check.
    To position and hold items i had an old diff housing that i cut the back cover out of to use to hold the crown wheel carrier.

    Are you sure you didn't mix up the carrier shims when you stripped the diff as they are the same except thickness.

    Backlash is normally between 0.006" to 0.008"
    .003" seems too tight.

    Contact is normally OK but i have a tool post grinder on my lathe and magnetic chuck that i have made a few new spacer/shims with if needed.

    dragline1570 ·
    I would have thought if you had lost preload you would have had a noisy diff on and off throttle not a bang more a whine??
    When the bearing fail on the crown wheel carrier the noise is constant.
    Pinion bearing issues would be as i said on and off throttle.

    Did you achieve about 14 -18 in lbs of turning force required after tension of the pinion nut ??
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