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  • Heronious ·
    So, sound like I got VW Canada to buck up and replace the Valve Body on my Jetta under extended warranty. Funny what a little fierce conversation with a Customer service manager can yield!

    I think I'll do the same thing for my Treg, as the Transmission is hard shifting between first and second. Just wondering if you had the Valve body replaced under warranty?


    mkxauto ·
    Dear NorthVan997C2S - I was told by Geoff Rosenberg (at that you are the local authority on T'regs in Vancouver. I have an '07 V6 that is in need of replacing the brakes. I will get the parts frm Geoff but was wondering if you have an recommendations on good Egg mechanics in Vancouver. Clarkdale VW on Main St wants to charge me for 6 hrs of work to change all the pads and rotors while Geoff says that 3-3.5hrs is what it takes for all four.
    Would appreciate your thougts.
    Maciek (by UBC)
    P.S. let me know about track days, I'd love to give my EVO8 a chance to stretch its legs ;-)
    Mcgrrrr ·
    Cheers for this info.
    Thought i read moving suspension to low but keep esp on. Did this today and ended on top of an island! Not a cool look for a Touareg!
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