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  • CSanders ·
    Hi Nikoloz, I read through an old thread, and you may hold some info really need (diagram of vacuum lines locations) I have 2006 Touareg V8. I paid to have the dealership fix one cracked vacuum line found, went to the brake booster ($1,200) Ugh! But thought it would be over with. The next day engine light came back on, brought it back and they said "upon new diagnosis found vacuum leak to combination (combo) valves." they can fix for another $950. I can't take it. Tech said he drove my car 34 miles after the first fix and there were no issues. He was lazy and looked at only one line, he knew i would have to return for a completely new work order, sorry to vent.

    If you have the vacuum line diagram, can you please send it to me? also anything with part #s. I am new to this group so I do not know where to find my mailbox for private messages. Thanks in advance! I hope you get this. ~Cody
    Odessa ·
    Hi Nik... yes just checking that you are still here. Im back with a TDI now which should last longer ... I hope. Still got all my old parts which are coming back onto the new car now.

    We just came back from 2 months in Odessa in late Aug. Thought of jumping on a plane to visit Tbilisi ... never happened to busy with a 6 year old and the beach.

    How are your kids ?

    How is the v8 ?
    Bekat2 ·
    Hi, Nikoloz, I'm new to this forum and a first time Touareg owner too, could you please help me out, I would like to service my car in Tbilisi, oil change, filters, etc, would you please guide me to the best dealer or give me an advice, thank you
    Odessa ·
    My reply message did not reach you the other day according to what is save here. I will reply seperately
    johnnny ·
    have a breaking vibration, brakes and steering wheel,no lights are coming on,front brakes have been replaced 3 times in 2 years. still have the same problem,dealer has no answer on how to fix this problem
    towsone71 ·
    fan runs hard after engine starts and doesnt stop after engine is shutoff until the batery is dead. Could it be the coolant Switch and where is it located. I have purchased the part to replace it but cant find it under the hood. water temp 190 and no signs of leaking. Reservoir is full.
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