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  • Bruski54 ·
    Hi Nickm,
    I have a 2004 v10 tdi that I am interested in chipping. I read on one of the threads that you had done so and would not consider a v10 without chipping. I hate to repeat a question (I tried viewing a conversation about this below with no luck...) If you could let me know where you bought your product and any other information you deem important. Thanks
    anchor5 ·

    I have a question for you. You mentioned in some posts that your urea system was completely replaced. Mine is now not working and is being replaced it seems 1 part at a time. Have you had any issues with it since it was replaced? I mean that it appears from your post that it was replaced some time ago. Have you experienced any new issues since then? Any help is greatly appreciated.
    FQPVR6 ·
    Hi Nickm I have a late 2006,'07MY and it is missing the connector. Installed trailer hitch and module, next is the b controller. Using Odyssey Valley b.ctroller which I had fitted on my prev towing vehicle a Jeep GC. I am left a bit puzzled for the T-reg. The ctroller has 4 leads on the back: A gnd, a brake signal wire, a 12V supply and a brake output thick blue wire. Where do you get the 12 volt supply and where the are the fuses are placed and what r the thin wires you ran to the driver's side for. Also, what r the two thick brown wires in the bright green connector of the car which is missing the two wires you had to run. The thicker brown wire should power the electric brakes, but that wire should be fed by the b. ctrller? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. It would be great if I could talk to you directly. My email address is [email protected]
    T2fahren ·
    I've been reading quite a bit about towing / brake controller for my 2009 T2 and I have a great respect for all of your posts and *huge* contributions to the towing convos - hear hear! I was curious because I see problems with 05-07 whether or not a Prodigy 2 or 2-8 Draw-Tite and Reese time-delayed brake controllers are one or both "plug & play"? I appreciate any direction you give as I have the 2009 V6 gasoline. (I love it and my wife loves it more, btw! A truck that the wife loves...priceless.)
    pantsdavies ·
    Hi nick
    Sorry to bother you, My name is Lee from Wales from over the pond in the UK, I have read the post
    Regarding after Market head unit over and over but I'm still confused and was hoping you could help as not many can on the UK treg site

    I bought a headunit from china but it only powers up when the engine is running???
    I have a 2003 v6 3.2

    Here is the UK link

    12v switching - myTreg forums

    Basically I want the unit to act like the original and power
    Up when keys inserted and power off when keys removed

    Again sorry to bother but hope you can help

    jmaville ·
    Hey Nick,
    What have you done with your Navigation unit? Would you recommend just to buy an Alpine or Sony and not worry about the OEM look and just to get all the function? Or buy a 510 and then just re wire....Because if I am going to re-wire so the MDF will still you know if I install the DVD Nav unit will the MFD look better then with the CD Nav? because CD Nav just puts the a red arrow and the name in white of the street kinda sucks.... also do you know if by installing an Alpine or sony touch screen nav will the MFD still show the gears and other symbols?

    bobbyg ·
    Just purchased 2008 Touareg V8 and am interested in pet barrier for my 110 lb. Drahthaar. Would appreciate knowing manufacturer and specs. Also , anxious to see you photos.
    stilts43 ·
    hi Nick M.

    i have just purchased an 06 touareg v10tdi. interested on chipping the diesel, pls forward where you got yours and if you are still satisfied with the chip results. any regrets?
    LEE800Y ·
    Hi, new Touareg owner, looking for some advice please! Just purchased a 2004 V10 and want to upgrade the wheels. Just been offered a set of Porsche wheels from a 2006 turbo. Is the fitment the same?
    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
    davembg ·
    Folks, I've decided to go with a Kenwood unit for my '04, I just got a great deal on a top of the line unit. If anyone is interested in my Maisun that I had bought for this Treg, its yours for $450 shipped anywhere in Canada or USA. I installed it for 1 minute into my '07 to make sure everything works, otherwise its unused.

    What Kenwood model did you go with? Does it snap-in with your dynaradio setup? Or, do you need a lot of rewiring/external amp?


    PS - this info has been invaluable to me and likely saved me $500 on the radio and a likely another trip to rehab. Props to all you guys on the one!!!!

    ooops, I'll repost this in it's proper place - apologies.
    prosh ·
    thanks for responding so fast , the problem was photos to large , i had to break them up, look at them on emblems painted, see what you think , again thanks
    prosh ·
    hi nick i tried to post photos and got a window readind a missing security token whats this im pulling my hair out whats left , prosh
    DicknNancy ·
    Hi Nick. We want to gauge interest in a group buy on TPMS sensors and valve stems for the T1. There are so may of us that have batteries running out that it seems timely. I'd like make a post just asking how many folks would be interested in a package of 4 OEM sensors and 4 valve stems. Any problem with us doing that?
    csnolan ·
    Is that a Bernese Mountain Dog? We have one names "Bernie" and he loves riding around in our V10 Touareg!!
    badtz ·
    Hi Nick. I was wondering if you can help me make some changes to my Treg like the most common Vag Com stuff? (Navigation acceptance screen removal, 6 light salute, seatbelt chime.) Also, I am in the process of buying new tyres. Do you recommend buying it from the US or should I just do it here? If in Ottawa, where would you suggest? (Dealer, Firsby, Costco) My tyre size is 255 60 17. Can I switch to something more common or I have to stick with the same size?

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