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  • Dotcom ·
    Hi LocoLobo,
    I know its been a couple of hears but i really hope you are still in this forum. Would like to update my NAV ans will therefore appreciate if you can send me the corresponding update details to [email protected]
    Best regards
    fozzy16 ·
    Hi Locolobo,

    I've been reading some of your posts and believe you have a update for the RNS2 Nav System? if so would you be able to send it me?

    i have a 2004 touareg 2.5tdi

    [email protected]


    beni008 ·
    Hi LocoLobo,
    Im also interested in .iso file for upgrading my TOUAREG RNS2 7L6035191N V34 to new firmware. Can you send me the ISO file to my email [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

    Kstyle ·

    Not sure if you are still on here but I was hoping to possibly get that NAV update from you. I've replaced my battery and just walked out there for the second dead battery since the replacement....

    My email is [email protected]
    midwestmatt ·
    Crazy Lobo,

    I read your post on the glass & hatch struts and will attempt the job this weekend. I just recently was able to change out the blower motor so I am letting my confidence take me to the next job.

    I had a question on your hitch posting. I plan on using a hitch ONLY for a bike rack and light trailer use (very few times will I do the trailer thing). Would I be OK getting an aftermarket from Uhaul or Curt? Please let me know your thoughts and thanks for posting the great info!

    jim52052 ·
    I am new tho the Treg world and have a 2007 TDI and my rear camera does not work... would you be willing to hook up your VAGCOM and and see if we can find anything?

    Let me know; your help would be appreciated!

    jbbaldwin ·
    Good Afternoon, I found a post of your where you were turning off the navigation warning screen but had issues with the radio afterwards. I know it was sometime ago but do you remember what you did to correct the radio issue. When I turn off the navigation warning as described on the first page of the tweaks post I start getting names of radio stations or the song name in my preset stations list.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Jody
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