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  • alex gee ·
    yer they rub fairly well, I have 1" spacers on the front and 2"on the rear.
    its definately not ideal for daily city use but for the dirty wekend out there work well.
    shimao ·
    This is my blog that is written how to make them.

    ã€�ã�¿ã‚“カラ】 作æ¥*開始ï¼�|ã�—ã�¾ã�Šè£½ä½œæ‰€ã€€ã�¿ã‚“カラ版|ブãƒ*グ|ã�—ã�¾ã�Š - 車・自動車SNS(ブãƒ*グ・パーツ・整備・燃費)
    shimao ·
    Fender flare kit manufactured in Poland, is hollow.
    Therefore, in order to paste it into the body you'll need to fill in with polyurethane foam and Poripate.
    bash79 ·
    I am interested in your wheels. Are they true and straight?
    Could you pack them so that I could ship them via UPS or FedEx?

    bigtruckguy ·
    Hey there! Could you share some info. I called South Motors and they acting like I was nuts! LOL Could you give me the parts number of the flares you bought PLEASE! or your receipt number so the Parts mgr can look them up. He seemed really helpful! thx!
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