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  • Laggyband ·
    Hi Stuart,
    I have decided to keep the treg--plans are changing for us. I have recently acquired the latest Elsawin workshop manual which is awesome as it has all the wiring diagrams in this one as well as the service intervals software. Its almost complete. Would you be interested in it??
    Also I want to ask you what is the latest upgrade on the RNS 510, my maps are out of date and the last time I visited the site people were segmenting their hard drives.
    Is this still the case?
    Take it easy
    Tooraktractor ·
    Hey Stuart, I've read through a few "Tail shaft" threads and will be replacing mine asap regardless of condition. I'm a mechanic by trade so i figure i can do it in my workshop. did you come to a conclusion re; quality bearing replacement part? are the German ebay ones lasting? Cheers, Chris
    Ewie ·
    I had a computer melt down and have lost your contact Number.

    I want to ask another favour, I just finished installing paddle shifters and was hoping that you could spare some time to recode the gearbox module to recognise the change.

    Much appreciated
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