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  • Sandman7 ·
    Hey there thanks for reading I hope you can help!

    I recently bought a 04 Treg v6 and am desperate for just a slight lift...I tried spring spacers using the measurements another member on the forum used (1.75"/2.5" i think it was) and they were massive, no way I could compress my springs enough to get those spacers on. On closer look I realised by struts look completely different as well in the lower portion; they have eyelet mounts and a single tube design not the fork style I've seen everywhere else...

    So after having a coil spring compressor blow up in my face and break two fingers I'm now leaning toward strut spacers like you made in your post...

    I was hoping you could confirm weather the front and rear strut upper bolts (the 4 little ones) are the same? Also for approximately a 2.5" lift I'd go 2.5"/3.5" due to the rear strut angle?

    Do you by any chance know your dimensions of the ones you created?

    any help is greatly appreciated!
    Kind regards
    lu vr6 ·
    Hey just saw the photos you posted, what tires are you running and sizes please! Your Treg looks great.
    Coloneltom ·
    Hi, apols for the late reply, don't really visit the forum unless I need to. Unfortunately I have scrapped the old diff so i don't have any photos. I have had no probs with the new diff which I bought from a guy trading as s469 on ebay. The diff was low mileage and arrived, crated, within a week. Cost approx £600 total inc delivery in 2009. Checked his shop, only rear diffs in stock at the mo. Others have them though, seem to be around the £750 mark now.
    Brown Irishman ·
    The Goodyear's that I have are 31.7 inches and fit pretty well. There isn't a whole lot of extra room. I wish I could tell you and be sure of it, but I can't. I just hit 50,000 miles on mine. I'm trying to find something new, but don't have much time to look. The two problem areas are the upper ball joint and the wheelwells when turning.
    rgill ·
    Brown Irishman,

    I noticed todat that Goodyear has come out with 265/75/18 MT/R tires. Will they fit a V 10 Touareg? They are 32.1 inches overall. Ray Gill
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