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  • MADVW ·
    Hello Allen, I am inquiring about a replacement radio for my RNS2 CD-Nav equipped Touareg V8 2004. It has the digital amp.

    I was wondering if the model 7402 does NOT need to bypass the digital amp and if it can use ALL 11 speakers. Also wondering about steering wheel controls. What about the CARPLAY option? the option is $70, what does it add?

    Which Android version? Can it be upgraded?

    I intend on using it mainly for bluetooth streaming Spotify from my Apple iPhone 8. Will Bluetooth A2DP use ALL 11 speakers?

    Volkswagen Touareg Android OS GPS Navigation Head Unit

    I posted on a thread in the forums, but haven't received a reply.

    Thank you in advance
    Aquasheep ·
    Hi Allen,

    I had previously replied to your thread on the "New Android 6.0 aftermarket navigation radio for Touareg". I am still very keen on purchasing this head unit.

    What is the radio reception like with these new units? Do I still need the radio booster?

    I am also guessing you do not get data displayed from the radio on your dash. What will now show in that menu with the new radio? Can this menu be disabled?

    Also does your offer of the free reverse camera still stand if I purchase this unit? And if it does, can i rather trade it for just a normal reverse camera, and not number plate light one? I ask this as I have the spare wheel on the back, so no place to fit the number plate light.

    Thank you in advance! I will eagerly await your reply!

    Kind regards
    Brian Feeny ·

    Question on your Navigation Radios.

    If I have a 2008 Touareg, and use your radio, does it work with factory SAT Antenna? does it work with factory reverse cam? So if I remove RNS2 will your radio just plug right in?

    Which radio is the best replacement?

    What about if I have Factory no Navigation? Does it matter if I have 11 or 14 speaker option?
    Wazzu Treg ·
    Allen, I'm new to the board but have looked at quite a few posts and see that you have a few products that have been used to upgrade the stock head units in the Touaregs. Can you tell me the differences between the models you currently have and how they're different than the others I see coming out of China?
    1080me ·

    I've been looking into the S150 unit. I have a 2004 Audi S4 and was wondering how the S150 pairs up in that car. Does the S4 have any of the issues that the early Touareg has with a digital amp?


    Brandon Johnson
    eyelise ·
    Allen, I have a 2004 with the NAV and digital AMP. I believe the system has like 11 speakers. If I bypass the OEM amp how many speakers will this unit drive and which ones?
    09 Tregger ·
    Hi Allen, I am interested in purchasing a 2X Din NAV/BT/DVD/etc. radio from you but am worried the audio output will not be as good as my stock radio. I currently have a 2009 Touareg 3.6L without Navigation. The radio is quite loud with great bass so I am not sure if I also have a stock amp with this radio. Will your radio be as good as the stock model.

    Thanks for your time.
    that_kid ·
    Hi Allen,
    What's an email address I can send the pinout for the amplifier and radio to? I thought the C2R-VW2 - PAC Audio module would allow the use of the digital amp but upon further reader I found that it doesn't. You could build a custom canbus module to turn it on and off but first you need to know the canbus ID for the amp along with the correct data. I removed the digital amp from my Touareg when I installed my carpc.
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