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  • mtnride ·
    Thanks for the likes of my photos, end of snow skiing for the year, bring on the water skiing an off road adventures.
    minivan ·
    Hi 4ePikanini

    The main dials in my cluster went dead - do you have info where the bulb is so that I can replace it?

    2005 Touareg TDi 2.5 with 300 000kms.


    dolfv ·
    Please help I am looking for the adjustment plate and outer cam bearing cap (cam sprocket side) for a 2.5 TDI.Apperently the agents dont keep them seperately (you must buy the complete set).Any help is appreciated.

    Des English ·
    Hi ,I wonder could you please help me ? I have replaced all bushels and drive shaft on my 2.5 tdi so as to stop a crabbing noise and jolting from the wheels when turning at low speeds. The jolting or slipping of the wheels is still happening ! No lights showing and service done , my mechanic can't figure it out . I am fearing a diff issue . No noise or issue at motorway speed . Only happens when driving slow and mainly when I lock the wheels hard to park .

    Thanks ,

    Bracus ·
    Hey brother, fortunately I haven't had to be on here asking questions for a while. But do you think you could tell me how to figure out if I have a differential problem or not? I am very observant so I could probably figure it out with the help of an expert on here...


    Jacob1 ·
    Hi - I'm looking @ buying the 05 Touareg R5 2.5 TDi but want your honest opinion on this car.

    I'm from cape town & just had a 2nd kid so I'm really looking for a vehicle that is spacious, reliable, is fuel efficient & doesn't break the bank when it comes to services, also isn't too expensive to insure. Pls give your input. Call me if you want to discuss.
    Riaan Maartens
    072 292 0292
    minivan ·
    Hi 4ePikanini

    What is your telephone number - I am in Cape Town and possibly we can talk via the phone?

    Thanks for your input..

    Pierre vd Merwe
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