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  • Yeti ·
    I would say you need to get it looked at. Code change will do nothing for that at all to my knowledge.
    dragline1570 ·
    Yes a solid spacer is ideal.
    The crush sleeves are just used in manufacturing for ease of assembly.
    It will take you a bit of work to find the correct length for a solid spacer in these diffs !

    Not impossible but worth the effort ??
    dragline1570 ·

    32mm ID
    36mm OD
    4mm wide
    Keep in mind i also machine the original crush sleeve to a width to allow about 0.4mm when assembled with the 4mm spacer.
    dragline1570 ·
    Yes i can supply a crush sleeve that will do the job.
    It is an old crush sleeve that is machined to a specific width and an additional small spacer added to provide about 0.020" crush again.
    So the sleeve would come as two parts if you are interested.

    Sorry it would no be cheap for a item that should be fairly cheap ($50 AUD + Freight)
    I have to machine both items in my lathe it is not a commercially available item and need to recoup my time investment.

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