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General Maintenance & Repair

  1. Owners Manual
  2. Do we have to Vag Com or reprogram After Kessy Install? Can we just buy antennas for
  4. 04 egg engine shuts off for no reason. Please help
  5. Water build up under hood fuse box
  6. Rear Hatch won't close
  7. Question about center console
  8. Available horsepower issue
  9. Owners Manual
  10. Noise when taking a bend to the left (but not right)
  11. 2012 TDI Cabin Air Filter and Fuel Filter, changed tonight
  12. Lug nut
  13. Recalls
  14. What could be causing this drip? (pic included)
  15. Touareg R5 2004
  16. Cracked Dash
  17. Persistent Vibration From Glovebox on 2014 TDI
  18. Wiring harness mass air flow senson
  19. T2 Dash Crack
  20. Alarm Keeps Going Off - 2009 VW Toureg
  21. Alarm Keeps Going Off - 2009 VW Toureg
  22. not sure what seat position is set to...
  23. Thermostat
  24. Cam Sprocket Torque Spec
  25. Opti-Lube "stinks" ???
  26. Brembo brake pads and disc Trg V8tdi
  27. 2004 Touareg V8 - Multiple error codes when hitting a bump
  28. Oil Change service (Canada)?
  29. Passenger door (front) switches and lights are dead
  30. LCD Backlight Repair Success & Lessons Learned
  31. coolant leak 05 v6
  32. Drive train error?? What is wrong?
  33. Stupid Clip Question
  34. Can 2.5 or 3 ton floor jack lift touareg 1?
  35. Thermastad
  36. steps to remove and install brake light switch
  37. Intermittent Tourag Beep after start up
  38. Fan under left wing
  39. Higher rev during gesr change from take off
  40. new 2014 Touareg R-Line - Climate control flashing "OFF"
  41. Change Rear blinker bulb:HOW??
  42. Autohold retrofit
  43. brake switch removal need help
  44. anybody looking for great condition Manhattan rims w like new tires
  45. Where does this part connect to? V8 T1
  46. Intermittent vibration underneath driver side floor (not driveshaft/center support)
  47. Fuel leak from left side flange
  48. Please Please Help! Who's the guy? Fixed Kessy and Door handles
  49. EPC and Check engine on
  50. Anybodu in Chicago with Vag-Com
  51. V10 thermostat replacement
  52. 2004 V10 - First oil change with Pella Pro 14. Am I doing it right?
  53. What is this odd little thing by my rear view mirror?
  54. BlauParts Timing Belt Procedure
  55. Rear bumper replacement?
  56. Odd display issue in NAV
  57. electrical circuit control panel
  58. Dual zone heater issue.
  59. V10 aircon compressor removal
  60. Door lock install problem
  61. Lost car jack - alternative?
  62. bought used headlights for my 2008 and I am getting a no curve light code
  63. Rocking or shifting front seat when braking
  64. v10 tdi prop shaft center bearing THWACK with a brand new VW propshaft
  65. Back seats
  66. 90,000 mile service
  67. Tyre Pressure is Low! Zero at Back
  68. inspection service 2012 TDI
  69. HELP - What is the correct OEM Rim size for V6 Touareg?
  70. Decode my VIN please
  72. Over sensitive external distance sensors (front and back)
  73. Question on center armrest for 2012+
  74. tpms success
  75. engine light codes
  76. Rear Bumper Chrome Strip
  77. Why is RNS 510 the best to have for 2008-2010
  78. Which Headlights do I have? 2008 V8 w/air
  79. Front Windscreen replacement Solar reflective
  80. AdBlue - Dealer related issue?
  81. Extending term of Real Driver Warranty..
  82. Clock Spring Replacement
  83. HVAC fan failure in T1
  84. Getting ready for winter
  85. about doing the LCD backlight repair
  86. Sit inlet valve issues
  87. dash stickers
  88. How much should i expect to pay for brake pad replacement?
  89. Back Window Broken Out, Triggered Window Auto Opener, Open But Also Locked
  90. How to Access Relays in E box under dash
  91. AirSuspension Un-responsive
  92. LCD Backlight burned out
  93. AFS headlights
  94. Do we have a light in the cargo area by back up sensor warning lights?
  95. VW Center wheel logo question
  96. 07 v10 - Actuator arm clip disconnects day of sale
  97. Front Left suspension rattle.
  98. Light Bulbs
  99. Coolant Low Temp
  100. 2005 touareg
  101. DBA slotted rotors not working with DBA pads
  102. Service engine light, T2 TDI, glow plug blinks intermittently
  103. Who's the guy from Dubai? that intalled LEDS in his headlights?
  104. Blower wont stop after turning to off position. Help?
  105. 12v socket and lighter socket no power, help
  106. Engine stalls on acceleration (fuel pump?)
  107. 2012 touareg sunroof screen replacement
  108. Another carrier bearing thread
  109. Switching Wheels and Tires....Alignment?
  110. New Owner - Yet Another Oil Question (with a twist)
  111. new touareg owner, few details to work on
  112. 2007 V6 - Gas Smell / Filter Asm. Replacement
  113. Engine cradle/wheel alignment
  114. Signal light on. But the signal light does make noice on
  115. water in passengers footwell
  116. '13 Touareg steering wheel vibration
  117. Wheel Bearings
  118. Dashboard has small cracks
  119. TRW brake pads first impression
  120. 2005 v8 touareg part identification and placement question
  121. Can I install Dual Batteries in V8? Replace battery instructions?
  122. Biodiesel in my V10
  123. V10 Stuck intake flap
  124. Might have found the problem. All Kessy and Door Handle People Plz read!
  125. Will a new key fob help?
  126. Photo request - glove box
  127. Gas raining out upon fill up...
  128. F&R Differential and T-Case fluids, may have bought wrong fluid, in a pinch!
  129. Drill bumper bar
  130. what to look out for
  131. 2004 v6 Timing chain tensioner location?
  132. 2004 v6 Toming chain tensioner location?
  133. Anyone in/near Scranton PA?
  134. CAT Failure + Other Recent Issues
  135. turning engine off, normal for vr6?
  136. electric seats
  137. tool for water pump removal, pulley question
  138. Spark plugs
  139. T14p wire connector location
  140. Fuel smell outside of T2. Dealership says it needs new fuel tank
  141. coolant pouring out, low voltage, help!
  142. Water leak driver side floor 2008 Torareg
  143. What is this message. ?
  144. HPFP DIY
  145. Boot liner
  146. Kessy system troubleshooting
  147. headlight tray
  148. recoded
  149. Push button for auto close on rear lift door
  150. Auxilliary heater fan
  151. Engine air filter?
  152. Trailer Towing Dilemma and questions...
  153. Squeaking noises when going over bumps?
  154. More organized thread!!! Alarm goes off sporadically.
  155. O2 Sensor, PCM or ???
  156. Another Electrical Issue
  157. *Judder* at initial acceleration
  158. how do you remove the front axle spline from the upright
  159. my horn keeps going out!
  160. oil pressure sensor
  161. DPF oil used on my 2004 VW Touareg r5 tdi, what problems should I expect?
  162. Multi Function Display MFT not functioning
  163. 05 V8 USA steering wheel issue
  164. Unlocking tail gate and rear window
  165. Will a 2004-2007 Dash Pad fit my 2008? Is there a catalog for part#'s
  166. Alarm goes off in middle of night??
  167. as the Touareg gets older...
  168. Rear brake sensor question
  169. 2009 Touareg cruise control problem
  170. AC evacuated and recharged but not cold enough
  171. 2012 T3 ripping B-column trim off when entering
  172. Belt squeal 2007 3.6 v6
  173. zero power, battery issue?
  174. Product recommendation/endorsement
  175. Multiple codes
  176. 011TDI quite running
  177. parking sensors
  178. parking sensors
  179. Need Help!!! Electric Gremlins I tell ya!
  180. About using the door key in the door of a 2004...
  181. Finally happened
  182. Super tight caliper bolt
  183. 2005 TReg top storage bin removal
  184. What is the latest DVD/CD for my 2008 Navi?
  185. Listening to radio for 45min. killed my battery?
  186. What's a good tire for winter? Are 19" tires more to own?
  187. PCV Valve Replacement and Hose 2004 V6
  188. I had to start a new account? So I don't have older messages guys!
  190. 2013 Touareg TDI drain plug vs oil extraction?
  191. Air bag light
  192. Valve body Symptom: Do nothing, Repair or Sell ?
  193. New battery or stepper motor on my touareg
  194. How do we reset key fob on 2008
  195. Serious fluid(s) headache....
  196. Grey Foam from Center Vents 2006 V10/Four Zone
  197. Loud Tire Hum in cabin
  198. 2008 V10 TDI Side mirrors
  199. Do the T2's have it? Live Mpg's on Computer MFD?
  200. DIY driver shaft removal, center bearing replacement
  201. Trans input shaft seal leaking?
  202. T1 Shift Handle Removal
  203. AC Help
  204. Help me identify part required. Front light broke , wont come out
  205. power stearing pump failed
  206. Best way to get a hold of my car's service history?
  207. Do I leave the differential lock pressed down?
  208. Chassis Ears
  209. Water between door seals. anyone else?
  210. T2 TDI Exhaust System Pictures
  211. Lucky screw in tire tonight
  212. Another ac issue thread
  213. Wider tires
  214. How did I do?
  215. I smell gas
  216. HELP! Car threw multiple error codes
  217. SoCal V10 Service/Repair
  218. Wheel Balances Issues-Resolved
  219. Headlight replacement, 2006 V6
  220. Remote control receiver unit location, for activation of "Webasto" heater.
  221. Another Alarm Issue
  222. Another AdBlue System Issue
  223. VCDS - what to look for in the unit
  224. HPFP Question
  225. Central Electrical Fault.
  226. ALL kinds of issues after oil change...HELP!
  227. TDI Floor Mat Source Advice Please
  228. Rear hatch won't fully open
  229. Back up sensors constantly on red when in reverse....
  230. Do I need new tires?
  231. How to remove automatic climate control unit?
  232. Vw v10 whine coming from it
  233. Differential noise
  234. Yuk. Fan runs for 2 minutes after off. 2008 V8???
  235. Wipers n DRL
  236. Harness wiring
  237. adjusting parking break - T2 3.6L 2010
  238. 2008 dash the same as 2005-2007?
  239. I picked up the 2008 V8 w/Air today..... Thx for all the help guys!
  240. Banging under center console
  241. Got a bad thermostat
  242. Blower motor and control
  243. Help! Brake Controller and Towing questions for 2004 Touareg
  244. Brake fluid in cabin?
  245. Mysterious transmission tugging
  246. Where can we buy the Center Dash Bin w/lid?
  247. 2012 TDI: timing belt or chains?
  248. V10 Oil Filter Wrench
  249. Wish Me Luck. Flyin to OK for V8 w/Air. Anyone see it?
  250. My Touareg is DEAD.