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General Maintenance & Repair

  1. Battery replacement T2
  2. ACC - crash course needed
  3. T2 Broken Wiper Linkage
  4. 2005 TOUAREG CODE P0430 and rear trunk door not opening
  5. 2015 TDI Fuel nozzles seem to only go in filler a few inches
  6. Cabin Air Filter Freshener?
  7. non synthetic oil
  8. Vehicle speed sensor
  9. 2011 TDI Battery Replacement
  10. Online Touareg Parts shop
  11. Engine/Hood Heat Shield
  12. Any thoughts about how often the fuel filter should be changed?
  13. 2008 V6 Park Sensor Mounting Bracket
  14. intermittent burning smell - solved
  15. Average fuel consumption display error
  16. 2008 V6 Just hit a chair on highway at 80 mph
  17. Touareg 7L check lights warning
  18. Door Lock Question
  19. Rear Taillight--driving me crazy!
  20. Thermostat Issue 04 V8
  21. Xenon head light. Check lights warning!
  22. Turn signal does not turn off automatically when turning
  23. 2009 Toureg T2 Driver Headlight all OFF
  24. Burning Oil?
  25. Adblue low warning!
  26. Luggage compartment elastic strap pulled out
  27. Kessy part number cross over?
  28. Help! Replacing valve cover gaskets and need torque specs!
  29. bumping noise at high speed
  30. Aus MY12 V6 FSI dash lights pre engine start
  31. Removing driver seat without power?
  32. Engine ECU error code P1640
  33. T2 HID headlight issues
  34. Dismantling Rear Wiper Assy.
  35. Squeaky Fan or Blower Motor?
  36. OBD Port not connecting
  37. key stuck in ignition
  38. 2004 touareg , whats going on with my electric ?
  39. 2004 - Power Seat Fuse Blows Instantly
  40. Coding new battery via Vag Com in 2004 V8
  41. 2005 V8 with Xenon - Anyone Know a Cheap Place to Get Control Module?
  42. Diesel Purge
  43. P202a error with 2011 Touareg
  44. Front diff rebuild - preload?
  45. EPS light
  46. Water in "Rear Drivers Side" Footwell
  47. Idle Air Control
  48. SD 13 Fuse keeps Blowing
  49. Car radiator temperature.
  50. Fuse Part# below driver seat
  51. Part number of Access Start Module of Touareg 2004 V8?
  52. T2 V6 Gas - P0014 code; erratic high idle
  53. damn leak driver's side
  54. Air Suspension Question...
  55. moving from TN to Belgium
  56. HVAC problem on 2004 3.2 V6 T1 Touareg
  57. What did I buy?
  58. Indicator Warning Light with Bike Rack
  59. Can you move your rear wiper?
  60. Service now
  61. A noisy secondary air pump
  62. Parking heater not warming
  63. Headlights only work on Auto
  64. Automatic transmision oil change mileage
  65. Jerks when slowing down
  66. Lemur OBD Scanner
  67. Cracked passenger side dashboard around airbag
  68. Proximity key locked inside vehicle.
  69. Final Steps of Freshening Touareg Suspension
  70. Under hood battery terminal use?
  71. Heated Seat Contoller - Right Hand Drive
  72. Right Rear Coil Spring
  73. T1 Wiper Blade Fix
  74. Coding of HID lamps control box
  75. Extended Warranty Question
  76. Under hood blanket
  77. Driver door latch sensor issue
  78. Fitting isofix car seat to front of touareg
  79. hood open showing on dash
  80. Multiple Electronic Failures
  81. Check Headlight Adjustment range
  82. Heating controller intermittent failure
  83. Is this a good deal? Urgent!
  84. Driver door sensor
  85. Wow... Hella!
  86. Coolant leak - but can't find the problem
  87. Help - Question about Sway Bar Links
  88. Water leaking into boot (Trunk) when opening tailgate
  89. Rear wiper washer fluid leak - INSIDE the car
  90. Click sound when entering the car
  91. Mysterious voltage drop. Visible on dash gauge.
  92. Tiptronic not working. Error code 01045. PCB replaced.
  93. How can I tell if my T2 V10 has locking diff?
  94. RNS-850 EU firmware K0775/2014 maps 6.17.3/VIN
  95. How to repair fuel pump hose?
  96. Arm rest 12v & 115v outlets have no power
  97. V8 TDI Problems have begun Guys.
  98. Battery sizes
  99. coolant light
  100. Timing belt replacement necessary?
  101. P0343 Code
  102. Oil pressure fault after oil change
  103. Wiring harness troubleshooting
  104. Help with P2196 v10 tdi
  105. No wipers no indicators no steering wheel controls????
  106. Torque specs on CV axle to front differential bolts
  107. Any reason I shouldn't buy this brake/rotor kit off ebay for my 2004 V8.
  108. Query Touareg "restiling" 2008
  109. 2005 V6 treg for sale in arizona-$8500
  110. car pulls right
  111. Timing Belt Scare!! "Lucky"
  113. 2008 xenon, yellowish edge/seal?
  114. DIY horn replacemant with pics (differant approach) :)
  115. Front lower control arm
  117. Any way to increase the tension that holds the doors propped open?
  118. v8 secondary air issues-combi R&R?
  119. Air bags
  120. CNA warranty and Adblue coverage
  121. 2005 V8 - Battery
  122. Please help! Knocking sound.
  123. Rear power hatch problem
  124. 2012 - unlock/lock door switch
  125. Colorado or vertex driveshaft
  126. told need upper front control arms
  127. No need for plug-in?
  128. T3 front thump/jerk when turning
  130. V6TDI Air Filter Replacement
  131. N112 Solenoid Valve?
  132. 2004 v8 battery drains over a few days.
  133. 2009 Touareg Drivers Door will not stay shut
  134. The gearbox
  135. Side Mirrors
  136. stop fault running gear problem
  137. Water leak help please
  138. Remote Programming Question
  139. Timing belt
  140. Dead battery, Can't Jump
  141. New HID Xenon bulbs still VERY dim.. Can the Ballast be tested?
  142. Slow to react
  143. Cranking issue camshaft code
  144. Help! Problems! Warning
  145. I thought I was getting a good deal
  146. Wiper advice? Its clear as mud!!
  147. no power to fuel pump. car wont start. selling parts
  148. Scheduled Maintenance -- How Long Can You Push It?
  149. Radio button backlight
  150. Replaceing Water Pump, what else?
  151. ambient temperature sensor
  152. touareg r5 tdi 2004 not start
  153. T3 rear hatch strut issues....
  154. Does the end letter mean anything for brake pads?
  155. Touareg stalls at start
  156. Changing front suspension - Wanna Help??
  157. Front Diff Failure - I need help with part no's and torque figures
  158. Touareg brake vibration
  159. Winter is here...
  160. Bulb changing help - '07 T2
  161. Can't Get Mirrors Clean
  162. Winter interior cold storage for 4 months.
  163. 04' - 05' V6/V8 Reliability
  164. help.. can't find the answer any where...
  165. another brake thread-sorry
  166. Rear wiper not working, but works when trunk is open
  167. Good websites for part numbers/diagrams
  168. Key sometimes won't come out
  169. Need a Couple Small Parts
  170. Replace Corner Light Issue
  171. No Blow - Blower control unit blown
  172. Help Needed BADLY!! :(
  173. CKH Engine P0491
  174. Headlight problem
  175. Aftermarket Oil Filters
  176. Touareg 2.5 TDI issues. solution?
  177. Is this the Oil Drain Plug? (pic)
  178. Unknown Connectors??? 2007 Touareg V6
  179. Troubleshooting Headlights
  180. No Programmed key was found.
  181. Can we check the T1's to see if the timing belt was done. Is there a sight gauge?
  182. Engine Code P13EA help
  183. All Fluids for 2008 V8 FSI. Same as 2004-2006? I want to change them all.
  184. ambient temperature sensor
  185. Whooshing noise from climate control
  186. Thinking of buying new TDI. Wrong choice?
  187. Has anyone got an old transfer case motor?
  188. Kick down/ 3rd gear problem
  189. volkswagon toureg-196,000 miles-knocking sound when acclerating initially
  190. Treg pulls to the right
  191. Hit a Bird
  192. R50 tailgate issue
  193. Is my central lock broken?
  194. mechanic resurfaced the rotors on my 2004 v8 3 weeks ago. major problems....
  195. Takata air bags?
  196. Winter diesel is here
  197. 2006 Touareg V6 opening door issue
  198. 3.2L V6 fuel filter insert now available on ebay
  199. HVAC - Air Distribution Buttons Disable In AUTO Mode?
  200. can I use compound/polish/wax on the rear underside metal area?
  201. Remove trim for front door painting
  202. Help, car won't start, electronics working but engine won't turn over
  203. How to remove rear side panels on a 2012
  204. climate control inop
  205. 08 3.6 reliability
  206. Ventilated seats not blowing enough
  207. V10 TDI Driveshaft Diagnosis
  208. Changed the oil in my T3 TDI, t'was pretty easy
  209. Which fuse will reset the battery.
  210. Question about headlight washers
  211. Body corrosion problem
  212. 2007 Touareg mirrow turn signal replacement
  213. No lights working on T1. Please help me
  214. Class Action- Compass Issue
  215. V8 4.2 350HP
  216. Headlight hi beam drops out
  217. Headlight not working
  218. How to Tell if Suspension Needs Work
  219. Opinions diagnosis
  220. Move shift lever to position "P"
  221. Part # for replacement tool for removing headlights on T1 (2004 V8)?
  222. On board computer
  223. Brake light on instrument cluster
  224. Replacing Windshield Wiper on 2004 Touareg..MAJOR ISSUE!
  225. 2014 Alternator
  226. Hella Supertone
  227. T1 Push Button Start
  228. Please HELP! P0089 code
  229. headlight trouble
  230. T3 headlight assembly removal??
  231. looking for best 20 inch tires
  232. 7 weeks in the repair shop after deer collision - normal?
  233. Engine Light Came On Out Of the Blue
  234. Installed T1 WeatherTech Floormats in T2 with proper retention clips. There are pics
  235. Installed T1 WeatherTech Floormats in T2 with proper retention clips. There are pics
  236. HALDEX what is it?
  237. Headlight emblem loose in lens
  238. What's Required in Replacing 2005 HVAC Climate Control Unit?
  239. Q?Air Ride Suspension General Maintenance
  240. dash and infotainment screen reboot while driving
  241. steering wheel controls non working
  242. Budget fuel filter option. And temp. filter flange leak fix. '04 V6
  243. Nice Tool Set/Seat Belt Rescue
  244. Less restrictive pollen filter?
  245. OEM Brake Fluid
  246. V6 TDI fuel pump/rail/injectors
  247. Rear Drive Shaft bearing questions
  248. Nothing but trouble Help appreciated
  249. Brake Light issue
  250. Need Help w/ 2005 4.2L V8