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CsTDI 10-29-2017 07:33 AM

New owner '17 questions
Just picked up a '17 Wolfsburg yesterday. What a great vehicle! This is my 8th VW and 3rd Touareg. This is my first gas Touareg.

A look under the hood shows that just the front 20% of the engine covers pops off. Is the 80% cover behind it just fastened differently- now you unscrew it instead of popping it off??

Also, I don't see a dipstick tube with a plug in the front. Are topside oil changes still possible.

Finally, where is the oil filter?

Thanks for your help!!

CsTDI 10-29-2017 10:40 AM

just thought I would update in case others are wondering, now that I see how much I missed in the darkness with flood light last night. The rear 80% of the cover looks to be for the valves. Dipstick tube is on the right side and it looks like the oil filter is right in the middle bottom and is not particularly owner friendly.

Just got done programming keyfob window openings and closings, seat belt chime, and emergency- brake flashing. I do not see how to modify the number of side marker flashes from 3-5 when depressing the blinker stalk? Anyone figure out how to do this?

Jesse M 10-29-2017 02:18 PM

Can we see under-the-hood pictures, and maybe also the rest of your fancy new truck :) ?

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