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2011 Touareg and Prodigy RF

I apparently hit upon a solution to the Progidy RF (PTF) pairing problem. Following the instructions that came with the unit produced the same results as I've been reading on the various Touareg forums. Even Tekonsha says the issue is that the car computer is not seeing what it wants to see on a VW, most likely due to the fiber optic interfaces.

But all it should have to "see" is a load really, and a convenient load was actually provided by Tekonsha. It's the little 7-blade plug-in light tester that came in the box with the PRF. At first it too gave me problems, until I realized that the car was timing out the supply voltage when the engine wasn't running. So the combination that worked for me was to
(a) plug the 7-blade Tekonsha light testing device into the PRF
(b) plug the PRF into the Touareg.
(c) plug in the Tekonsha remote hand-held unit into a cigarette lighter receptacle
(d) Start the engine.
(e) follow the pairing instructions starting at step 6 through 9 (n.c. will be flashing)
(f) remove the Tekonsha light testing device from the PRF
(g) connect the trailer to the PRF
The remote hand-held hand unit should now say .c. (connected).

One problem I ran into leading up to this was changing over my trailer connector. I'd been using a 6-pin connection with my pickup truck, so had to change the trailer plug over to a 7-blade. I didn't realize that there was a color code difference. Initially I simply matched the color of the trailer wires to the colors stamped adjacent to the connection point on the 7-blade plug. I plugged it into the Touareg to test the connections, and was surprised to learn that the car is smart enough to know when the trailer connection is wired up wrong.

So I researched the difference between a 7-blade RV connector and a standard 6-pin trailer connector. Here's the connection list I used:
Purpose....Trailer wire color....7-blade plug marking
ground.............white.......................whi te
brakes..............blue........................ blue
tail...................brown..................... green
12v supply.........red ........................ black
L stop/turn........yellow..................... red
R stop/turn........green ......................brown
and the center blade is for auxiliary 12v power to the trailer (purple in some cases)

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2012 w Prodigy RF trouble

Thanks for the list, I have been studying all of the threads as I have the "common" pairing issue. The list makes sense but I still can't get the blasted thing to pair.
The etrailer tech help line wasn't much help, they were hung up at the controller making a clicking sound which supposedly means the car is producing power at the 12v pin. There is no power present at the 7 pin connector, but I don't think there will be until the car senses a trailer is attached.
I also bought the emulator since you suggested it in a prior post, when plugged into the car I see random lights in the top led's only, nothing on the bottom row which includes 12v. When the car is started that same top row lights up almost solid with rapid blinking, nothing else.
When plugged in to a trailer directly, all the lights on the trailer work and the rear hatch is manual only, so I think the car can see the trailer. No trailer brakes obviously.
The problem is the handheld controller never reads 0.0, and when you attempt to pair nothing other than the P.A. Happens, which then goes back to nc. I even tried it on a separate truck that was already being used with a trailer but couldn't get anything to pair that way either (already wired up with trailer brakes may be a problem). Really pulling my hair out!
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The logical thing would be for me to plug in my emulator and see what LEDs illuminate. But I traded my Touareg for a Cayenne, so that option's off the table. But I can go out later this morning and see what my emulator says when I plug it into the Porsche. There are a lot of differences between the Cayenne and the Touareg, let's just hope trailier wiring isn't one of them.

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Plugged the emulator into my Cayenne, got the 12V LED right away. 4-way flashers illuminated appropriate LEDs. Turned on ACC and tried turn signals, LEDs as expected. Pushed on brake pedal, didn't get what I'd expected. The RT LED illuminated. Doesn't make sense, so next step is to actually hook up the trailer and go from there. Hope to be able to do that some time this week, and hopefully it's just an anomaly - rather than a Porsche wiring problem.

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I've been looking at this unit for my '09. Has anyone out there used this unit on a '09? I'm still having a hard time believing that such a great tow vehicle would have so many issues (LED, no brake controller plug under dash etc...) when it comes to towing.

2009 Touareg TDI
2009 Nissan Murano LX

USAF '83-'87
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The Prodigy RF is not vehicle specific. but you do need a 7-blade RV-type trailer plug receptacle on the car. From there you just fasten the controller to the trailer , plug the remote into a 12v cigarette lighter socket, and follow the pairing instructions. Once the remote is paired with the controller, you can move either/both from car to car and trailer to trailer.

My Touareg was a 2011, and had virtually no issues whatsoever for the 17k miles I drove it. And as far as I know, the only US-spec vehicles that have in-cab brake controller receptacles (as standard equipment) are full sized pickup trucks (1996 and newer).

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Old thread, but I'm posting in all of them so people know the process.

Here's what I did for a 2012 with factory towing package.

Make sure Touareg is off (engine and ignition).
Plug in trailer.
Turn on Touareg ignition. Do not start the engine.
Unplug the trailer and quickly plug in the Prodigy unit.
Start engine.
Plug in RF remote to "cigarette lighter" socket.
Press and hold manual and boost buttons on remote (side button and top right blue button).
Remote will count down to P.A. Release buttons once you see P.A.
Tap and hold the brake. You might need to tap twice.
You should now see a 0.0 on the remote.
Scroll power dial up until 0.0 becomes n.c.
Get out of Touareg and plug trailer in to Prodigy unit.
Remote should now display .c. indicating you are paired.

To use the unit in the future, I leave the Touareg off, plug trailer in to Prodigy and Prodigy in to Touareg. Start engine and then plug in the remote in the cigarette lighter.
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I'm just checking in...

I had a problem when the the dealer sold me my 2011 Touareg TDI to tow with but neglected to to tell me it didn't have a hitch. I researched aftermarket hitches and lighting interfaces and found none available. Finally the aftermarket products showed up, but the lighting interface unit kept burning up and the tai lights would quit working. So once I replaced the generic interface with a factory unit the whole packed is working. I went with the Prodigy RF for two reasons. 1) it was not necessary to to tie into the cars wiring and 2) it allows other vehicles to use the trailer. I put the brake controller on over two years ago and have not had a problem with it. I pull this trailer about 4-6 times a year so it sits for most of the year. But every time I hook it up it works. I followed the instructions for pairing the two units and never had any problems. I'm guessing maybe they changed the system a bit. So I'll recommend the unit to anyone looking to buy a new brake controller.
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This is what did it for me. 2011 TReg.
Factory installed Hitch.
Produgy RF

Put a piece of electrical tape on the 5 oclock pin on the Prodigy RF box. Where it connects to the trailer not the TReg.
I disconnected the Trailer Battery and turned on some of the lights in the trailer. (Not sure if this is needed just giving you my steps.
Plugged the trailer in to the Prodigy RF and the Prodigy RF into the TReg.
Started TReg.
Plugged the RF module into the 12v cigarette lighter Plug.
Went through the pairing instructions.
Pressed Break and holy crap I got a display of 0.0 and then turned the Dial on the side it then said n.c.
With the TReg still running and the RF module still connected to the 12v.
I went to the Prodigy RF Receiver and removed the electrical tape from the 5 oclock pin and plugged the trailer back into the Prodigy RF receiver.
I then shut Treg off disconnected everything.
Started TReg.
Shut off TReg and connected every thing back up and it is still paired and working as should.
I got the electrical tape idea from another post on this site. It was not my idea.
I am very happy after spending several hours and multiple attempts along with 2 trips without the break controller.
Yeee Haw.
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